Reduce your EV fleet costs with Wallbox

Our business solutions could help you save thousands every year.


New Zealand’s Clean Car Discount scheme and incentives will generate significant savings in EV commercial fleets and solutions for charging stations. Wallbox wants to help you multiply those benefits by sustaining your EV fleet and progressively reducing the cost of operations. Commander 2 and all our business solutions are based on three main pillars: reliability, efficiency, and scalability. 

Wallbox solutions can help you:

  • Revamp your fleet performance for long-lasting results. Commander 2's powerful 22 kW charging power was built to last. Its IP54 and IK10 protection ratings guarantee dust and water resistance and safe indoor and outdoor installation. 
  • Take control of your energy consumption. All our business solutions include a myWallbox Business Plan license to track charging consumption in multiple chargers and users and access real-time statistics. 
  • Scale your growth. Our solutions are designed with business expansion in mind. Commander 2 is compatible with Dynamic Load Balancing for up to 25 chargers. 
  • Get reliable customer service when you need it. Our partners, including certified installers, charge point operators, and distributors, will always stand by to support your business charging needs. 

We're here to answer any questions and assist you in your quest for the best charging solution. Fill in this form to receive valuable guidance and information to help you manage your business EV fleet.  

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